24 Jan 2013


One of the more amusing parts of the “haunted” school was the warnings spray painted at the entrances, just so you know that you’re entering someplace “dangerous”.

First you have some one attempting to, bless(?) the place, I suppose.  It is hard to tell what they meant by this piece of graffiti really.   Then someone else came along with their commentary; I kind of hope that by the time we visit this next there will be a counter commentary.


Inside you get this, though the stories say it is haunted, not cursed.

boys school12

Up at the main entrance someone passingly familiar with Dante had this to say:

boys school8

I seriously doubt that this in an entrance to hell though.

You may also notice the paintball splashes in this shot, seems while this place is “haunted” it has also been used as a Halloween haunted house and a paintball court.



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