04 Dec 2012

The Nameless


dixmoor power plant d2 1

This is one of those locations that just leaves you wondering.  Why is this here?  What was it?  How long has it been abandoned?

There is no road leading to it, you have to park and walk up the tracks to get there.  While it looks like it is standing on hill in reality soil was bulldozed up to bury the ground floor.

Even the companion building is partly buried, and equally as mysterious.


nameless place2Getting up to the buildings you have work your way through some heavy burrs (put there deliberately?) and then watch your footing closely as the erosion of soil into the first floor of the buildings has left some gaping and not so gaping holes in the ground around it.

The minimalist view from inside.  I just cannot fathom what purpose those “windows” had.  There are no machines, no scraps of trim, no facade.  Just concrete walls with re-bar showing in places, like bones poking through a carcass.dixmoor power plant d2 2

My fellow photog, Tabula Rasa, pauses to consider his next composition.


In the end, the nameless buildings have nothing to explore, you can only access one floor and there is nothing there but empty rooms.  The castle like building doesn’t even have that, there is no way to try to get above the gaping cavern of the mostly buried first floor, and many of floors above appear to be missing.  It is home to birds, and possibly bats, and above all a haunting mystery.




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