20 Mar 2015


This sign was painted over twice in the past,
leaving stair-goers clueless about proper stairwell etiquette and safety.
Years of neglect and the weathering of the elements deteriorated the steps
while simultaneously revealing the ancient warning.
Everything falls into place in perfect synchronicity,
sparing one casual explorer a turbulent trip to the cellar.

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27 Feb 2015


From a former elementary school, Gary, Indiana.

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28 Dec 2014

Means of escape are provided, should misadventure occur.



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21 Dec 2014

When JuniorBBQ met us for the first time in Detroit to explore the Packard plant, at one point she remarked, “You guys really like stairs!”.  And I suppose it’s true. Staircases offer the kind of Escheresque perspectives and patterned geometries that make for dizzying photography. So here’s some stairs from myself and Moribund’s visit to a gum factory yesterday.

We spent most of the day inside this location, and, whatever photogenic virtues it may have, it has forever changed how I will smell wintergreen gum. More photos soon to come.


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10 Nov 2014

stolen footsteps blog

Second floor view looking up in an abandoned infirmary tower stairwell.
The structure is filled with natural light, but is haunted by the living.


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17 Sep 2014






In Case of Fire…

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21 Aug 2014

A new location was accessed by Moribund and myself last weekend. More on that in future posts. Suffice it to say that (speaking for myself at least) I was left wanting in terms of quality shots. Plans are in order to return in a week’s time to delve deeper and hopefully find more photo fodder. Extremely low light was certainly an obstacle last weekend, though one I think I turned to my advantage with this shot.


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11 Aug 2014

Left Hand Path

Don’t want to live in a decaying shell
But why should I go to heaven, and who’s to say I’ll enter hell.
left hand path

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10 Aug 2014

If future archeologists labor to distinguish what set turn-of-the-millenium America apart from other places and times, superfluous signage may be a handy reference point.


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26 Jul 2014

A bit of German Expressionism is good for the soul.


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