08 Mar 2015

A slow, snow filled drive, hours long through an early Sunday morning left us wandering the halls and rooms of a rambling maze, formerly a military installation.  Turning and twisting, the halls all look the same, and empty echoing room after echoing room I wandered further from my companions as we lost ourselves in the eerie silence of a place shunned.

Subtle evidence that we were not the only creatures to visit this place abounded for those looking, and I was glad that I did not cross paths with any but the smallest inhabitants.

gate smmlr



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05 Mar 2015

Fargo H



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04 Mar 2015


windowless 2 BLOG
She was dead when I got there, so I can’t empathize,
Nor am I interested in seeing her revived.
But deliberate destruction strikes a note with this mortician,
She was my own secret place between death and disposition.


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01 Mar 2015

Today, Moribund brought myself and the Idiot Photographer on an exploration of a decommissioned military base he visited a couple weeks ago.  I think we’ll have fodder for a bristling handful of posts in the days and weeks to come, and tonight’s entry will serve as a general intro.
The main remaining structure is the academy, an uncannily deceptive building which frustrates attempts at mental mapping. It is essentially a series of jointed hallways with offices and classrooms nestled within. The shot below gives a good idea of what a lot of the campus looked like.


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01 Mar 2015


It would seem as though a bit of snow has fallen over the Canadian prairies.

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26 Feb 2015

sanctuary in snow BLOG
Snowflakes descend like a pall upon casketed remains
The wind whispers secrets amidst the years of decay
Together, hand in hand, we share this moment so serene
Totally enamoured by the words she said to me

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21 Feb 2015



The vast Canadian prairies are vast.

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13 Jan 2015


Stop a moment, take a break.  Enjoy the view.


wadding 082_3_4_6_tonemapped

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07 Jan 2015

A small cave-in
admits a cold cascade

Chicago, South Side

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06 Jan 2015

Frozen Bliss

frozen bliss BLOG.jpg

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