07 Jul 2015

We all sag over time.

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28 Jun 2015

Dragon House

An unlucky few may happen to glimpse the fabled Dragon House out on the rolling prairies of Saskatchewan. Its unearthly glow can be seen for miles across the flatlands, providing false hope of succor for the tired and unwary traveler. Most will steer clear of the sight, knowing not quite why, save only for the remembrance of grim stories told by the Métis overheard in their youth echoing in their heads.


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19 May 2015


There’s a ghost town in Saskatchewan called Bents.  I had HEARD of Bents, but visited for the first time this past weekend.


Currently Bents has two houses, a store, a grain elevator, and a lot of old out buildings.  The town was abandoned after the train discontinued service to Bents…as was a similar fate as many small villages dotting the province.




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05 Mar 2015

Fargo H



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01 Mar 2015


It would seem as though a bit of snow has fallen over the Canadian prairies.

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25 Feb 2015

This little (not really LITTLE) house intrigues me.  There’s not a single tree surrounding it, which is rare on the Saskatchewan prairie (wind breaks…don’t want to lose that precious topsoil)…and the first time I visited it the front door (devoid of glass) was locked.

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01 Jan 2015

Lyons Abandoned-3All of this home’s former inhabitants are long gone…but this house still stands empty and cold another year.

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04 Nov 2014
01 Nov 2014

Good Livin’

Bounty-48I’m moving in to a new place today.  It’s nicer than this place.

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27 Oct 2014

Prairie Sunset

GirvinCraik-86A friend said to me the other day, “why don’t you take any pretty pictures?”  There is beauty in all.

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