10 Apr 2014


Three overhead projectors (superimposa lumerarium) as seen traversing an icy plateau. The lead has called a momentary halt to the march as it turns to investigate the origin of some suspicious noises. The projectors have much to fear; almost extinct, they are easy prey for many scholastic predators.




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15 Mar 2013


Just imagine you’re poking about the third floor of a 7 floor building in the dead of winter.  And then you see this hallway.

icy hall

Just in case you wondered why I do this, it is because of moments like this.  Over an inch of sheer, glassy ice coating the floor, in the middle of a building.  I felt I stepped out of reality in to a dream.

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22 Feb 2013

Our most recent trip was one that I will remember mostly as “COLD COLD COLD COLD”.  While I was wearing a decent amount of layers, the fact is I do not own a good winter coat for exploring, and I was freezing most of the time.

The neat thing is there was a lot of ice, in many forms.  Coating a machine in a glossy, rippled sheet; sprawled across the floors, smoothing them to nearly even; bubbling heaps slowly creating an ice monster….

ice monster

Outside, grasses and bubbles became trapped in an icy tomb.


Inside the stalactites wore their own winter coats, of ice.

ice stalactite

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04 Mar 2012

Bad Luck Goose


Talk about having a bad day.  I was testing the power of the zoom on my old camera (hence the grain-yness of this shot) when by luck I caught this poor goose as it misjudged the edge of the ice and took a little tumble.

Happens to the best of us though, doesn’t it?

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09 Feb 2012

Winter Shadows

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13 Jul 2011

Cold Milwaukee

While we are enjoying a break from the warm and muggy weather that typifies Chicago summers I figure I’d remind myself why I detest winter so much and go back to pull a few pictures from last winter’s Milwaukee trip.

It was 14 degrees out and the windchill was negative something-or-another-godawful.  The whole day was spent combating hypothermia and wondering if we were crazy to be doing this.  In my book, yes we were crazy, but it was so worth it.

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