15 Aug 2012

Falconry 2012 part the first

It is that time of year again!  Welcome back to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, one of my favorite places on earth.  I made a point of catching the falconry session twice in hopes of catching one or two good photos, I’m fairly happy with year’s turn out.


First let me introduce you via linky to Flight of the Raptor, please check them out.  They provide the educational sessions for Bristol’s faire pretty much every year and no matter how many times I visit the show I am always impressed, enthralled, entertained and educated at the end.

I’ll start with the Harris hawks, always fantastic birds.


One of the more interesting things about Harris hawks is they will often work cooperatively.   Here two of the capture the lure and battle it in an impressive display of strength.


One of the things I love about Flight of the Raptor is Ray, the lead falconer.  His love of the birds and passion for falconry is magnificent.  Here he calms his more nervous hawk before hooding her.

As Ray says, falconry is based on respect and trust, if you respect the birds, you will earn their trust.

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05 Sep 2011

Falconry Show Redux

So my brother called me and surprised me with the suggestion we go the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the last day of the year.    Not having any Labor Day plans of note I figured I’d brave the crowds and go for it.  Armed with my trusty camera and a few weeks worth of internet research on taking photos of birds I figured I’d give the falconry show another try.  This time I walked away pretty damn happy with the results.

First I managed to get a shot of Jackson, a 4 month old captive-bred Harris Hawk as he took off from the pole I was standing under.

I also finally caught the moment of the lure strike, something that has eluded me every since I started taking photos.  This is Chula, she is a 10 year old Saker Falcon.

Best of all, I was finally able to track, pan and focus on Chula in flight.  Here she is turning to come back for another stoop on the lure.

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