16 Apr 2015

Peering into One Tree Hall, Gary post office, main level.


chainz n’ chainz

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25 Nov 2014

From a little school in Gary, Indiana.


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18 Nov 2014

Oooh…what’s inside? What is it? Is it urban decay? Aw, man… it’s always urban decay. I was hoping for kittens. This is nice too, though.

I guess.


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09 Oct 2014

bricked over


As some of you may have gathered from Tabulua Rasa’s previous comments he and I recently took a little road trip out to Cleveland to see what we could see.  While it was not the most productive trip for me, photographically speaking, I’ve managed to cobble together an image here and there such as this chance discovery I made while we were driving around a very not abandoned neighborhood.

I’m always a little sad to see a door or window bricked over and in this case we have a still active building that, while not the prettiest industrial brick beast, still had a couple of flourishes and charms as well as the scars where details were removed.


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10 Sep 2014

secret passageway blogDark and bleak abandonment.

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02 Jun 2014
27 May 2014


mem weekend 032

This weekend was a scouting trip, we did not get into many locations.  Mostly it was hours of driving and listening to music followed by hours of driving around a location looking for a safe way in.  Followed by a few hours of galumphing through tick-infested underbrush with the final result of two buildings explored.  My final tick count was 11, Tabula Rasa on the other hand appears to be magically tick repellent.  I hate him just a little bit because of this.   However he has proven himself a true friend by being willing to pick one off my back that I couldn’t reach.  Just another reason why you should never explore abandoned places alone; not only do you need someone to help should you fall through a floor or stair way, but timely removal of exoparasites can prevent diseases like Lyme, Rock Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, and Erlichiosis.

Plans are in the making for a repeat visit at some point in the future, but first I have to figure out why I am hardly able to walk a mile before I feel faint.  In the meantime I’m going to continue to look for places closer to home but my exploring schedule may be a little light until this issue gets figured out.  This just means that you may get stuck with the occasional kitten photo (because I work with cats and it is kitten season) as well as whatever else may wander my way.  I have a project lined up to do some portraiture in a Harley Modification Shop, and I’m also considering a project with some models in Gary (I would love to do another drag queen shoot there, I just need the queens!).

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14 May 2014
30 Mar 2014
05 Mar 2014





Packard hazard.


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