27 Feb 2013

St. Mary’s, The Idiot’s View, Part the More


Why do I always find myself taking pictures of hallways?  And stairs?  And . . . phones?

2 24 13 hospital 112

As Tabula Rasa mentioned, the phones in this building are all that wonderfully disgusting color of a headless, armless Barbie left in a gutter.  The walls beneath the cracked and peeling paint aren’t much better, but at least they are a little more natural looking.  To be fair, this phone was in a hall and I was literally scooting my camera along on the tripod as the floor was a sheet of unbroken, glossy ice.  I would have walked right past this if not for that.

While we are on the topic of halls, I offer you this.

2 24 13 hospital 044_5_6_tonemapped

I just had to light up a smoke at that point, because I could.

Anyway, back the paint.  One of the peculiar things about this building is that since it is not heavily trafficked (unlike the majority of abandoned buildings in Gary) the paint has mostly stayed on the walls despite the heavy cracking and peeling.  In some places whole sheets of it has come loose from the drywall and fallen to drape over anything it the way like cloth.  Tabula Rasa and I even got into a disagreement over whether it was wallpaper or paint.  I still say paint and shall leave it up for the viewer to decide which they think it is.

down the stairs


  • tabularasa88
    February 28, 2013 Reply

    The stair shot is killer. And I insist that it’s wallpaper. The hallway shot with the door is a winner!

    • idiotphotographer
      February 28, 2013 Reply

      Nope, it is paint.

      Funny thing about the photo with the door in the hall way, it was double doors and they were both open. Rather than closing the other door I just set my camera up behind it and shot through it, didn’t even occur to me I could attempt to close it.

  • Cynthia Mackowick
    February 28, 2013 Reply

    Great eye! Love the images… my kind of place 🙂

    • idiotphotographer
      February 28, 2013 Reply

      Thanks very much! You’re pretty handy with the camera yourself.

  • Paisley Avocado
    March 1, 2013 Reply

    I like that stair shot too. You could almost imagine a woman wearing a wedding dress walking up those stairs the way that the paint/paper drapes over the rail. I wanna say it’s paper just because of how it falls (I’ve never seen paint do that before, at least not in such large intact sheets), but I wasn’t there to inspect it so I can’t say for sure. 😉

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