26 Feb 2013

St. Mary’s Hospital, 1927 – ca1995, part II

There were, however, just enough hidden gems to make the place interesting. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt, but with rust and ruin in place of eggs. This, as the Idiot Photographer was kind enough to inform me (please read the preceding in sarcastic tones) is not, as I called it, a “sterilization oven thing”, but an autoclave. I immediately understood that the object was not what I had thought at all, but rather like an oven that’s used for sterilizing things (this post is crying out for this).   Anyway, here’s the thing in question:


The finest elevator money could buy in 1983, complete with faux wood paneling and fleshtone phone.


The elevator machine room on the roof would’ve been a neat find in any circumstances, but a fully charged fire extinguisher hiding in the corner provided what hopefully is a moody fog to accent the shot.




  • idiotphotographer
    February 26, 2013 Reply

    Who me? Sarcastic? Never!

    Seriously though, “disinfecting oven” still has me laughing. That “disinfecting oven” is seriously old school too, extra cool find.

    Love love love the elevator room, it is like something out of a dream, possibly a nightmare.

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