10 Apr 2013

St Mary Mercy, again

Sorry things have been so slow around here everyone, I haven’t much opportunity to go out exploring as of late.  Our last trip was cancelled as Tabula Rasa was feeling under the weather but he is feeling better now and this Sunday we have plans to go poking around the old granary again.  My last trip there I was a little rushed and didn’t get to explore past the 6th floor.

So we’re going to head back to St. Mary Mercy for today’s post.  This is another location I would love to explore again.


On the first trip through a new building it is so easy to just keep going and see what is in the next room, down the hall or around the corner.  It is easy to miss a room or even whole hallways, so you tell yourself “We’ll go back for another round.”  As I mentioned in a previous post this doesn’t always work out very well since things can change quite abruptly in the space of a week or month.


St Mary is interesting since, like so many hospitals, it had grown over the years.  You could very clearly tell what portions of it were the original building from the 1920’s and which parts were tacked on later.  This stairway is from the oldest part of the building, and were in better shape than some of the new portions.


This is also from the oldest part of the building, and makes me wonder why I can’t have radiators like this in my apartment.


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