28 Jan 2013

Spilled Belt

Spilled Belt

It’s apparent that our particular interest lies in urban decay. This is a short apologia for what is perhaps merely a trend in aesthetics, photography in particular.
Our lives are easy. And safe. One can get in a car and drive two whole days in any direction (from Chicago, anyway) and count on the same network of stores, restaurants, and cell coverage everywhere. This is nice, but boring. People seek out the little diners, the mom n’ pop stores, to get away from McDonald’s and WalMarts. To get to what they think is authentic.
The photography analogue is urban exploration. Chicago’s skyline is beautiful, and rightly famous. It’s also there for the taking, photographically speaking. But finding the sights few see is a thrill in itself. If I’m to cultivate an art, shouldn’t there be some toil to it? Some exploration, some dirt, some pain and some risk? In our case, some chance of arrest?
I’m not fetishizing rust or industry, I’m not goth. I know beauty exists and can be sought anywhere and everywhere one cares to look. So it’s in the pursuit of a more elusive quarry that my passions lie.


  • idiotphotographer
    February 2, 2013 Reply

    I wonder what that shot would look like in HDR, though I really like it a lot as is.

    • tabularasa88
      February 3, 2013 Reply

      This goes back to our topic of “how much is too much?” I don’t think I’d want to lose the shadows the belt is spilling out of. Wouldn’t be averse to trying and seeing what we get.

      • idiotphotographer
        February 4, 2013 Reply

        I think it is worth a shot, you won’t lose the shadows but they will become softer. Of course, it also depends on what time of day we are there and what quality of light we have

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