10 Jul 2011

Outside The Law

Location is everything, but next time we hit up this one will be after a few good hard frosts.  We had to trudge through the underbrush to access this portion of the old Gary Train Depot and afterwards found ourselves picking unwanted passengers off of each other like a troop of baboons, minus the eating of said unwanted passengers.  We’re slightly more civilized monkeys than that, thanks very much.

I think this will be the last of the Gary in Drag photos for the time being.   Tomorrow should be a Chicago themed outing, we’re considering a theme of “transit” but we’ll see what actually happens, you just never know what whacky ideas I might dream up.

Did I mention that before?  The whole Gary with drag queens as models thing actually came to me in a dream shortly after I attended a drag/Oscar party.   The idea tickled my fancy so much I was on the phone with Misty the next morning and from there it kind of snowballed.  With any luck next year we will have a fashion designer (albeit one trying to get started) doing outfits for the ladies and in the meantime she is trying to help me get some of these published in a U.K. fashion mag.  Seriously?  Seriously.  I never thought I’d ever publish anything and I still have to finish getting the releases signed by the ladies but there is a teeny tiny, itty bitty chance I may actually sell a photo.  I doubt it’ll happen, but it would be way cool if it did.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

This shot was actually one of my fellow photographer’s brilliant ideas (thank you Anita!), the mirror was to fix hair and touch up makeup, however with all the light in the midday sun on the roof, it actually worked out rather nicely.


Adios, Gary Indiana, we’ll be seeing you again soon enough!


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