04 May 2013


The sensitive and attentive reader might well be forgiven for thinking the authors of this blog somewhat ponderous, skulking across blasted urban ruinscapes with our brows permanently knotted in a scowl, we are known to laugh on occasion. The decay we we photograph comes inevitably with time, but it is helped along in good measure by vandals. These are not an especially profound lot (See IP’s post “Warnings” for a sample). But every so often, we come across something so random, dumb, or misplaced that you can’t help but smile. So it was for me when we took a brief trip through the Ambassador Apartments and I found this, which I present without further comment.

No, I didn't sit on it.

Since I used “sex” as one of the tags on this post, I wonder how many people will come across this only to be disappointed.


  • Sometimes Interesting
    May 9, 2013 Reply

    so…. um…. did it work?

    • tabularasa88
      May 9, 2013 Reply

      The chair and I would like to announce our pending nuptials this coming June 5th. Dress code for the reception will be Rust Belt Rustic. We kindly request making donations to Habitat for Humanity in lieu of gifts.

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