19 Nov 2012

In The Woods

This particular location has an air of disquiet all its own.  After parking in a suburban neighborhood and crossing a playground and empty field you enter the woods until you come out on a dirt road.  Of course, you could walk up the dirt road in the first place but that is a great way to get noticed.

The building complex itself consists of three grain silos, and 3 large red brick buildings connected by questionable walkways and rust.  We started by walking around the building which has easy access on pretty much every side.  The property is unposted but no one in their right minds would spend too much time in it.  Which is why we spent about 4 hours there, twice.


Sometimes you find the damnedest things in the woods.

On our first trip it was exceptionally windy, so all you could hear was the wind howling through the building shaking and banging various pipes, along with the occasional bird call and trains from the nearby railroad tracks.  The second visit provided us with with much less wind so it was even quieter, until the children showed up on the playground.

The old boiler has grown a coat of moss and vines, the better to blend in to surroundings.


During my wanderings around the exterior I find myself feeling like I was in some weird fairy tale straight from the mind of Neil Gaiman.  I think the light quality had a lot to do with it.

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