02 Nov 2012

Hello Riverdale

One of my photo buddies has a job which has him driving literally all over the south suburbs of Chicago.  This is a huge benefit to me since it means he often spots those locations we want to go wandering about in on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  for this particular location we found ourselves in the town of Riverdale, which was odd to me since I vaguely remember parts of my misspent youth hanging around there more than a bit.

I’m not sure how long it has set forgotten and falling down but my guess would be over 2o years.  I give you the grainery.


Not all doorways lead to more fallen bricks though.

Of course, you have to scramble over bricks to get out.  Good thing I wore sturdy shoes.

In some places though, you didn’t need to leave the building to get out to the forest.

In others the trees have simply spread their autumn bounty across the remnants of the floors.


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