07 May 2013

Gary’s Ambassador

Ambassador Apartments

The most decrepit building in Gary also has the most appropriate name, the Ambassador Apartments.   It is the largest and best representation of the decay and neglect of this city.  We did not really explore much as we have been avoiding it due to how dangerous it is reported to be.  We’re still considering a further explore but once you get past the first floor things get a little dicey.

Ambassador Facade

On the south side of the building the facade it gone above the second floor and I’m not sure that we can find a safe stairway above that.

Ambassador Apartments side entry

Ambassador was once a beautiful building, the pride of the neighborhood.  They do not make apartment buildings like this anymore and it is now plastered with “Do not occupy” notices.  Last time we photographed this building a woman drove by chanting “Tear it down!  Tear it down!”, so I waved her over to ask what she knew about it.  All she was able to tell me was that some kids had been injured on their way to school by bricks falling from the upper floors.

Ambassador Apartments Lobby

The lobby is spacious and retains the small details of ornamentation that have been largely stripped from the exterior.  Taggers have, of course, had their way with the place.

The front entry from the overgrown courtyard shows evidence of fire, probably set by bored kids.  Though part of me wonders if it wasn’t someone attempting to hasten the demise of this magnificent corpse of a building.  Either way, this building is high on the list of places the City of Gary is planning on demolishing.  Just as soon as the money comes through.

Ambassador Apartments Entry


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