14 Apr 2013

Current Events

I know, I know, it has been too long.  I’ve been a little busy, ya know?

We did a little running around in Chicago, stopped in to say hello to Agora.

4 13 13 080

Spent some time at the Fox River watching the tree swallows dance over the water.

4 13 13 632

Went for a hike in the woods looking for something that was in a very different part of the woods.

4 14 13 201

We also mixed in a little urban exploring, took some friends to the granary and power plant.

Things will be a pretty mixed bag the next few weeks.  I’ve got urbex photos and really bad bird pictures, as well as some general silliness to share.  But first, I must edit!  Oh, and make sure I filed my taxes.  See ya all soon!

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