23 May 2012

Chicago’s Finest

Some people may have noticed a little hoopla over our way last weekend.  Since I am the master of poor timing I missed out on the hordes of angry people, but I did get to see horses wear riot gear.


While the Chicago PD is not without issues, I will commend them for handling the protests with dignity and not escalating the unrest by over reacting.  I also applaud these two mounted officers for having an excellent sense of humor when it comes to being photographed.


  • The Artist Makena
    May 25, 2012 Reply

    I hope all is well when I visit in a week or so!

    • idiotphotographer
      May 25, 2012 Reply

      It should be, everything is already pretty much back to normal. Chicago is a pretty laid back city for the most part, you’ll like it here. If you’re in town on a Sunday let me know and I can meet you downtown for a photo trip!

      • The Artist Makena
        May 29, 2012 Reply

        Glad to hear! & we will definitely be there on Sunday the 3rd, I’ll let you know what our plans are when we get everything all figured out. 😛

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