25 Nov 2015

We had battled traffic and made wrong turns on the way to our chosen vantage point, a park on the Jersey side of the Hudson, to attempt a New York skyline shot. We got there just before sunset, and an incipient drizzle made setup and shooting hurried and tight. This is what I think is my best result, with a decent balance between the light from both sky and city.



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06 Jul 2015

From a ghost town in Saskatchewan.






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06 Jun 2015

20150602-DSCF1262 There’s a little place that’s off the beaten path in Saskatchewan called Fish Creek.  It’s not on any maps, and it’s a whole lot of traveling up and down grid roads to find it.  But when you do…you’re in for a treat.



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02 Apr 2015

Hello and welcome to our new site. It seems only fitting that we would open with what is certainly a house specialty: a moody corridor shot. It’s from the same military facility we hit last month and have been posting pictures of since.
Though SLOTHL is now up and running, it’s by no means complete. We each have to finish our bio section, which will let you know a little about us individually (should you care to do so) and give you a look at our portfolios, a sort of “best of” section. There is also a way to purchase prints, if something strikes your fancy, under “contact”.

In general, however, we will be doing what we’ve done for years: sharing our photography with you. We hope you enjoy.

And alt text works again!

Morning Corridor


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09 Mar 2015

Winter fun


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13 Dec 2014

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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16 Sep 2014

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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04 Jul 2011

Misty In The Window

The United Methodist Church in Gary is really one of my favorite locations, sadly it is also the favorite location of low budget movies.  We were unable to do a lot in the main cathedral and most of the dance school was unavailable due to a movie shoot taking place on the day we were there.  They got there first, much to our frustration.

Despite their props taking up most of the cathedral we were able to work with the periphery which included where the windows used to be.  How our ladies were able to scramble over the piles of fallen ceiling and up on to the ledge in those heels is beyond me, but kudos to them for doing so!


For the record, when not filled with props for a movie, this is what the cathedral looks like:

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14 Jun 2011

>Fire Hole Lake

>Firehole Lake can be found towards the south end of Yellowstone National Park, by (surprise) Firehole. There is also the creatively named Firehole River flowing through the Firehole canyon. Do we see a theme?

We should be generous to the namers of these locations, it had be overwhelming coming up with a name for every single geothermal feature in the region as there are hundreds of them. Yellowstone itself is the caldera of super volcano providing thousands of tourists (like myself) thrills and a little exercise every year.

Despite the unimaginative name Firehole Lake is quite beautiful. Part of the lake is fed the Hot Cascades, which are created by the Artesian Geyser so on a cool day (as this was) clouds of steam rise off the surface of the lake. Should I ever return to Yellowstone (and I do hope I get to go back one day) I hope to get better images. Every day was a challenge, if it wasn’t raining it was snowing and there was more snow than rain given that we were at about 7000 feet. The bonus was everyday there was a nice dramatic sky as the storms moved in.

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24 May 2011


>I’ve been quiet for few days, working on a few things and trying to make some of my plans into reality.

Plan number one, I finally ordered a DSLR, a Canon 60D. Check. It should be here Wednesday.

I went back and forth for a long time on if I should get a pro-level camera or stick with a more mid-range beast. In the end I figure I’m never going to be famous or sell my work, so why not go mid-range and save a few bucks to put away for all those spiffy lenses I want?

Plan number two, foster kittens. Check. On Saturday two little 5 week old fuzz balls moved in to stay with me until they find homes.

Plan number three, find a charter boat 3 people can afford for a 5 hour trip. Fail. I suspect part of it is due to the cost of fossil fuels at the moment, the rest of it is due to the only size boats in our price range are fishing vessels who are all booked up for the season.

Plan number four, settle a date for the Fermi Lab trip. Fail, -ish. We’re getting closer.

Plan number five, post-rapture looting. Fail, if only because the rapture didn’t happen.

Plan number six, set date for the first Gary Indiana Drag Queen photo shoot. Check. Brace yourselves for some hilarity at the end of next month.

Actually, to briefly address the Gary shoot, Misty Meaner’s partner has expressed concern for Misty’s safety during the shoot. He was a little surprised when I wasn’t very concerned, if only for the fact that Gary is a virtual ghost town at this point and most of the shoot will be inside. Also, I have Mace and a pair of buddies capable of defending themselves. I really don’t foresee any problems with the locals, they’re so used to photographers with their models at this point that I doubt it’ll be an issue.

One of the bonus points of this trip is I’ll have both cameras, and will be able to compare their performance. Until I get a decent wide angle lens I plan on hanging on to my old camera just for that aspect.

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