07 Mar 2015

The Trappings of Power

    I’ve got my beige rotary phone, radiant heat, and a Tandy computer. Bring it on, ’94!



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    30 Jan 2015

    Of Smog & Sky

    Three shots from around downtown Los Angeles.



    The guy walking in the above shot yelled at me about taking his picture, so I had to put him in.






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    26 Jan 2015

    L.A. Looming

    Downtown Los Angeles plays Garfunkel to Hollywood’s Simon. Taken from Mullholland Drive.



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    20 Jan 2015

    Malibu Pier

    I’ve returned from a week in LA with a few shots to share. It wasn’t explicitly a photo trip, but I got some pictures which I think don’t suck. On the first day, we rode up the Pacific Coast Highway, which I think may have to be a destination in itself one day. Shot this from the beach while fog (or, as it’s referred to here, the marine layer) was rolling in.



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    06 Jan 2015

    Frozen Bliss

    frozen bliss BLOG.jpg

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    10 Dec 2014

    Sand Cranes II

    A few more shots of these migratory birds, photographed last Sunday at their annual jamboree on the fields of Jasper County, Indiana.
    InFlightSolo.wp PuffButt.wp

    These birds have a particular “dance” they do. It incorporates all the necessary elements necessary to impress a potential romantic partner: strutting, wing-spreading, hopping about, as well as the occasional tossing of straw or dirt clods into the air. We witnessed the last maneuver, but my shots of it were too blurry to be of use. Suffice it to say that witnessing this spectacle of crane dancing is worth getting up at six AM for.

    Dance2.wp Dance1.wp

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    02 Dec 2014

    No cat does regal quite like the snow leopard.

    sleopard smll

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    30 Nov 2014

    Hi everyone, miss me?  Sorry to have been gone so long, but I’m back, and I finally managed to drag Tabula Rasa to the zoo for a day of animal photography!  I know it isn’t the dust, mold and decay you all usually come here for but I needed something to lift my spirits, and a visit to a well kept zoo fit the bill perfectly. Normally I go to our local free zoo, but this time I decided that we should check out the pay zoo and see what different animals we might find there, and today I saw my first okapi.

    Okapi are weird animals, they are known as the “forest giraffe”, and are the only other member of the giraffe family.  No where near as tall and goofy looking as your typical reticulated giraffe, they are built more horse-like and have striped legs.  They are dedicated browsers (meaning they eat leaves and bark) and are on the endangered species list, which squashes my dreams of having one as a pet.  Well, that and the fact that I live in a studio apartment.

    Either way, meet the mysterious okapi.

    okapi1 smll


    okapi2 smll


    okapi3 smll

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    20 Nov 2014

    When I was asked to join this blog almost two years ago by my friend the Idiot Photographer, I had grand ideas about presenting my pictures as a curator might thoughtfully arrange pieces in a museum.
    “Here,” I could say, “is the Gary collection of the mid-2000’s. Note the artist’s increasing usage of ‘drowned light’ as an aesthetic choice.”
    “In this piece, the artist coyly asks us whether the concept of keeping photographs in focus is a valid idea, or whether our concepts of sharpness are really just social constructs.”
    “The choice of a monochrome color palette alerts us that this must be an august work of art.”
    It would all sound very learned and fancy, and, at the very least, give the impression that I knew a damn thing about what I was doing.
    As it is, I’m getting more comfortable (lazy?) about just putting a photograph up with little fanfare. Hopefully, it speaks for itself. So, here’s a couple shots from various locations which I happened to be working on tonight.






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    05 Nov 2014

    drafting room


    I tramp through mud, brick piles, moss and mildew, asbestos and goldenrod to take photos of the discarded and forgotten.  Yet for some reason the most common search term to find this blog has been “blue people oprah” this past week.

    Dear Internet,

    Never stop being so random.

    Regards, the idiot photographer.

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