24 Jul 2015

ceiling bird 2

I was alone on the eighth floor of this massive complex until I met Ceiling Bird.

She stood like a solider.  What’s your blue anklet for?

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06 May 2015

We crept out of the forest and into the glade where this haunting asylum resides
The wind whispered secrets of a forgotten past, and lured us to her insides.
We tried to sign in, but no one was there
Just a silent typewriter and a vacant chair

A vine slithered to the door and said, “Right this way.”
We stepped into the realm where teeth go to decay.
Primitive markings decked the halls
Personified chair, pink taco, blue balls.
“They stuck me in an institution,
Said it was the only solution,
to give me the needed professional help,
to protect me from the enemy – Myself”

(This scenario is perfectly reminiscent of the classic Suicidal Tendencies song “Institutionalized”)

Cellar Door
A light shone in the Attic, octagonal in shape
Like the watchful Eye of Providence, making sure you don’t escape.
It’s interesting sometimes how we think Death can be ignored,
But once committed to this place, the only way out is through the Morgue.

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25 Apr 2015

An adventurous young couple sneaks into an abandoned asylum with a dark past.
forest temple 1 slothStay tuned for a haunting tale sure to send chills up your spine.

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23 Apr 2015

Go into the Light.
There is peace & serenity in the Light.  

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20 Mar 2015


This sign was painted over twice in the past,
leaving stair-goers clueless about proper stairwell etiquette and safety.
Years of neglect and the weathering of the elements deteriorated the steps
while simultaneously revealing the ancient warning.
Everything falls into place in perfect synchronicity,
sparing one casual explorer a turbulent trip to the cellar.

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06 Mar 2015

Built in 1940 and shut down in the 1990’s, this building originally served as a dining hall for WWII soldiers. 
What surprises me most is not what has changed, but how much remains the same.
My favorite detail is the metal sign on the front right pillar. What’s yours?

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04 Mar 2015


windowless 2 BLOG
She was dead when I got there, so I can’t empathize,
Nor am I interested in seeing her revived.
But deliberate destruction strikes a note with this mortician,
She was my own secret place between death and disposition.


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26 Feb 2015

sanctuary in snow BLOG
Snowflakes descend like a pall upon casketed remains
The wind whispers secrets amidst the years of decay
Together, hand in hand, we share this moment so serene
Totally enamoured by the words she said to me

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17 Feb 2015

Take Photos, Make Trax, Whatever…

make trax BLOG

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13 Feb 2015

hallways for days BLOG-0.jpg
Waiting for a long exposure I found myself engulfed in a silence so complete that it felt almost loud to my ears.
A metronomic ticking disrupted the quiet, which I then realized was the audible beating of my own heart.

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