16 Aug 2015
14 Jul 2015


The sun sets slowly, and a long blue hour of twilight stretches on and on as the moon crosses the sky.

smll bad moon rising

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07 Jul 2015

We all sag over time.

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22 Jun 2015

Out on the prairie while the winds shake the grasses and the clouds slide slowly across the horizon I found myself frequently just stopping to let it all happen around me.  I could have spent days here and never been bored a moment but sadly we were forced to leave by the pressures of time, exhaustion, and anticipation of  other places to see.  One day I will return to this place, and watch the sun set as the wind whispers secrets through the empty windows.


smll bents store

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20 Jun 2015



I’ve got this thing about cars.

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14 Jun 2015


Ever get the feeling as if you’re being watched?

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13 Jun 2015

So often we spend our time wondering why, but at some sleep deprived moment the world magically transforms itself and you stop asking why and simply accept that it is as it is, and that the why is unimportant.  Like when you walk into an abandoned building and find a room full of antlers and skulls.

smll skulls2



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10 Jun 2015

After life








smll model farm cemetery




smll bird onna cross

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08 Jun 2015
07 Jun 2015

Tabula Rasa and I just got home from a week of driving across Canada, hosted  by our companion Holly. It was a very intense 4 days of near constant driving with frantic shooting in between.  I can only hope that I managed to capture a fraction of the magical beauty that is the northern prairie and the forgotten places scattered throughout.

smll sunset slough

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