17 Apr 2013

Blood From a Stone

As the Idiot Photographer told you in her last post, we traveled quite a bit last weekend. Aside from a pleasant jaunt through the woods that some freedom-haters have termed “getting lost”, we had a great time. Sunday in particular was fun, as we had a couple relative newbies to introduce to the joys of running around deserted industrial sites. I wasn’t too optimistic about getting many good shots, however; we were hitting the power plant and granary, two buildings pretty well covered by myself and IP. So it was a pleasant surprise to come home and find some decent raw material on the memory card. The first shot is a redo of a previous shot, done this time in HDR.




Here is the east end of the granary, where the crumbling building gives way to the surrounding trees.




Black and white is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I overused it early on, and now I try to use it only when I really think it makes the picture better.  I hope these shots benefited from the indulgence.

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