01 Feb 2013

Beware of the Pigeon

I mentioned previously that when out and about exploring I really don’t fear wild or feral animals.  For the most part if you let them be they will slink off and not bother you since the last thing they want is a confrontation.  That being said, I do fear pigeons.


The most dangerous animal:



A few times now I come close to being killed by a pigeon.  They tend to roost in these old unused buildings, they are perfect pigeon rookeries.  The problem comes in when a startled pigeon launches itself off a perch and knocks loose a pipe or brick to come crashing down on your head or shoulders.

This fella nearly brained me with a brick at the Gary church.


Twice in the church I have come close to having a brick dropped on my noggin, it is enough to make a person consider a hard hat.  At the power plant a startled pigeon dropped a pipe on my shoulder from about 20 feet up and I had one hell of a bruise for about a week.  Not that I let it stop me of course, I just kept going and pretending it didn’t hurt until I got home and saw myself in the mirror that evening.

If you are considering urban exploring, even in well trafficked, well know buildings I’d suggest considering carrying a first aide kit, respirator (oh the upper respiratory infections I’ve gotten from this hobby, lesson learned there!) and a hard hat at minimum.  That being said I still have to get the first and last on that list , shame on me.

In the event you do cross paths with a wild animal just back slowly away and don’t make direct eye contact, likely they will just shuffle off and leave you unless you are threatening their young.  Same for feral animals, even feral dogs (though I’d be a little more cautious around them.)

If you see pigeons try to avoid being under them, poop is the least of your concerns.

So of course I had to take his photo.


  • tabularasa88
    February 1, 2013 Reply

    I forgot about your fear of the flying vermin. I can relate, though. One of them was scuffling around in the school and nearly made me have a heart attack for the noise.

    • idiotphotographer
      February 2, 2013 Reply

      Not so much fear as respect for the damage they can do unintentionally.
      I remember the bird in the school incident, and I still giggle about it.

  • Strawberryindigo
    February 1, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the advice–yikes. None of that would have occured to me!

    • idiotphotographer
      February 2, 2013 Reply

      You live, you learn. Sometimes the hard way. Glad my experiences can help another out, stay safe and enjoy!

  • SudoOne
    February 2, 2013 Reply

    I think they have a secret plot to take over the world. Maybe the brick incident was because they thought you knew too much. We are behind the looking glass people.

    • idiotphotographer
      February 2, 2013 Reply

      If any innocuous animal is going to take over the world, it’ll be pigeons.

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