06 May 2013

A Few Good Scenes

Horace Mann Pride


Stupid glossy paint, and stupid photographer for burning out the image.  Oh well, perhaps next time around, right?  If I can get in again.

Short back ground time.  I was on my little mission to get exterior photos of this high school that had been closed down around 10 years ago when we realized there was an open door.   We decided to go ahead and take the opportunity offered to us in hopes of   classrooms full of empty and forlorn desks.   Sadly this was not to be.  The place had been throughly trashed and scrappers have had their way with it.  We still managed to find a few good scenes.

The most impressive room in this school was the auditorium, chandeliers and all.

Horace Mann Auditorium

I’m given to understand that back in the day every student spent some part of his or her day in this auditorium though I am uncertain to what purpose.

I had to be careful here, my nemesis, the most dangerous animal to encounter while urban exploring, was present.

Horace Mann Flight


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