29 Feb 2012


As some may have noticed, the Oscars were last Sunday.  I have finally started sorting through my photos from the Oscar party I went to.  Normally Oscar parties aren’t my thing, but Robyn and Misty throw the best Oscar Drag party you could imagine.

This year Robyn went as Jessica Rabbit.

I also played around a little bit with deliberate camera motion when the big lights weren’t on, this is the best of the lot but overall it isn’t a technique I like very much.

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28 Feb 2012


After the feeding frenzy.

Outside the frenzy.

After the frenzy:

I love koi, they remind me of dragons of flying.

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26 Feb 2012

Koi Again

This is your Sunday 2 fer.

I like this better than the last.

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26 Feb 2012

Abstract Koi

Sometimes mistakes work.

Of course, that is a matter of opinion, but it my frenzy to purge my files yesterday I was struck by this shot that I had previously thought was garbage.  Gave it a slight tweak to darken and enrich the colors, otherwise not changed.

Overexposed, blurry and distorted by ripples yet still it makes me happy; these are the koi and goldfish of the Garfield Park Conservatory in a feeding frenzy.

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25 Feb 2012


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24 Feb 2012

Red Wing Black Bird

If you wondered what the most common bird in the United States was, here he is, the Red Winged Black Bird.  Handsome fellow, isn’t he?

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22 Feb 2012

Whatchoo Lookin’ At?

She may be tiny, but she has got SASS!

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21 Feb 2012


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19 Feb 2012


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14 Feb 2012

Keeping Warm

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