29 Jan 2012

Happy New Year

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27 Jan 2012



The things you find, wandering the woods on a cold and foggy January afternoon.

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26 Jan 2012


Sometimes I worry that power line towers will wake up and take over the world.

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22 Jan 2012


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21 Jan 2012

Pigeon Pile

The local pigeons know how to keep warm, tuck into a heap under the heat lamps at the train station.  Amusingly enough even though it was around 14 degrees out the humans braved the cold and left the heat lamps to the birds.

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20 Jan 2012

/end freakout

Last year was a rough year for me.  Last night was the first time I felt the need to pull my camera and shoot.  Things are getting better.

In short, I’M BACK!

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